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Truly a GAME CHANGER with a single cartridge LASTING 70+ HOURS OF USE ON HIGH, that's unheard of! The MAC DADDY will ensure the PIMP JUICE is consistently dispersed throughout your hunt and SAVE YOU MONEY from buying multiple bottles. Didn't use the entire cartridge? Put it in the refrigerator for next season! NO BATTERIS NEEDED! It includes an internal battery that lasts OVER A WEEK ON ONE CHARGE!


*Check out the reviews below and on Facebook. SERIOUSLY, we feel once you try this, you won't hunt without it again!*

MAC DADDY Combo (Estrus)

  • The MAC DADDY disperses scent into the air automatically traveling long distances while also allowing continual scent distribution in the immediate area.

    • 3 disbursement settings to choose from:
      • Low - 4 Second burst every 17 Minutes
      • Medium - 5 Second burst every 12 Minutes
      • High - 6 Second burst every 10 Minutes
    • EVEN during between bursts, the cartridge will continue to provide a localized scent
      • The BURST is a long range attractant then the continual scent draws them in closer to the scent location epicenter
    • No Batteries Needed! Comes with an internal battery that is charged by USB cord
    • A single charge will last days even on HIGH and continual use, longer in mild climates
    • Portable, take the MAC DADDY anywhere
    • EASY to use, simply twist base to remove cover, add cartridge, re-install cover, place in desired location, choose setting, and prepare for BUCK FEVER!
    • When finished, twist base to remove cover, pull out the cartridge, and place cartridge in refrigerator or other dark/cool location
    • Available cartridges include ESTRUS, Normal DOE, DOMINANT Buck
    • This KIT INCLUDES the Doe in ESTRUS Cartridge of real Estrus urine
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