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Truly a GAME CHANGER and includes all 3 cartridges of ESTRUS, Regular DOE, and DOMINANT Buck. Each cartridge lasts 70+ hours of use on HIGH, that's unheard of! Plus the internal battery will last a WEEK ON ONE CHARGE! This will ensure your preferred scent is consistently dispersed throughout your hunt and SAVE YOU MONEY from buying multiple bottles over a season! SERIOUSLY, we feel once you try this, you can't go back to the 'scent on a wick'.


Check out the reviews below and on Facebook, this is the REAL DEAL changing the way we HUNT!


  • The MAC DADDY disperses scent into the air automatically traveling long distances while also allowing continual scent distribution in the immediate area.

    • 3 disbursement settings to choose from:
      • Low - 4 Second burst every 17 Minutes
      • Medium - 5 Second burst every 12 Minutes
      • High - 6 Second burst every 10 Minutes
    • EVEN during between bursts, the cartridge will continue to provide a localized scent
      • The BURST is a long range attractant then the continual scent draws them in closer to the scent location epicenter
    • No Batteries Needed! Comes with an internal battery that is charged by USB cord
    • A single charge will last days even on HIGH continual use
    • Portable, take the MAC DADDY anywhere
    • EASY to use, simply twist base to remove cover, add cartridge, re-install cover, place in desired location, choose setting, and prepare for BUCK FEVER!
    • When finished, twist base to remove cover, pull out the cartridge, and place cartridge in refrigerator or other dark/cool location
    • Available cartridges include ESTRUS, Normal DOE, DOMINANT Buck
    • This KIT INCLUDES all 3 Available Cartridges (Estrus, regular Doe, Dominant Buck)
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