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Cover Scents compatible to be used in the MAC DADDY for ALL SEASON USE! Great for early, mid, and late season. These WORK GREAT as attractants and concealers. Will last 70+ HOURS of use in the MAC DADDY, no competitor comes close!


Available Scents:

  • Acorn
  • Wild Apple
  • Persimmon
  • "Dirt"y Deeds
  • Purple (Grape)
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Vanilla
  • Molasses
  • Peanut Butter
  • Blackberry
  • Sweet Corn

MAC DADDY Cover Scent Refills

    • Use as a concealment or curiousity scent
    • All Season Use
    • This is compatible with the MAC DADDY scent diffuser
  • All products are shipped within 2 business days of order. Contact us if you'd like other arrangements.

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